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These forms will allow us to better serve our Curbside and Telemedicine Guests at Northeast Animal Hospital. Online Forms for Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic Guests can be found here. Please fill out the form(s) completely.

VIDEO: "Curbside Service" (1:06). See what happens curbside!

To our Curbside Guests, please remember to bring your cell phone with you on your visit, and park your car within the boundaries of the parking stripes for the safety of our pets, clients, and staff. When you arrive, remain in your car and call us. A team member will come out to you to get your pet. Thank you!

COVID-19 Practice Updates

Please read this 2-page brochure prepared by the Florida Veterinary Medical Association. It answers common questions about COVID-19 as it relates to our pets.

Please see our COVID-19 Practice Updates page for the latest information regarding our pet care protocols.

Welcome home!

Home is a place of nurturing, protection, and well-being. Our sister practices, Northeast Animal Hospital and Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic, are an extension of that basic foundation.

Our purpose is to widen the loving care that you provide your family to include the area of advanced veterinary medicine. Together, you and our devoted veterinarians and support members can give your pet the compassionate healthcare that he or she deserves.

As an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accredited clinic since 1973, our team of veterinarians and support staff adheres to the highest standards of facility and pet care. However, our greatest source of pride is found in the praise of our clients and the satisfied purrs and wagging tails of our patients.

We extend to you and your pets a warm welcome…home.

Devoted Veterinarians and Support Staff

We have found the key to quality veterinary care is a combination of medical expertise, empathy for pet owners, and compassion for our animal companions. Our veterinarians will listen to your concerns, diagnose any medical conditions, help you understand your options, and work with you to make the right decisions for you and your pet.

Our team is made up of a diverse group of veterinarian and support professionals who bring their love for animals to work with them everyday. We come from all backgrounds, and we have joined this family because of our desire to make a difference in the lives of animals, as well as the people who love those animals.

Two Practices for All Your Pet Health Needs

Northeast Animal Hospital is an animal care facility equipped to handle all medical and surgical procedures. From preventive health care services to advanced diagnostic and surgical services, our doctors and staff are trained to manage all of your pet's needs. We continually update our equipment and educate our team to the latest medical knowledge and technology. We know that everyone has a budget, so we will work within your budget to achieve the best outcome for your pet.

Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic is an outpatient veterinary clinic that covers routine medical care. But we are not just another animal hospital or veterinarian’s office. We offer services from regular wellness checkups, to dental care, to “beauty” services, such as our Pet Spa and Grooming Salon. Our pet clinic and devoted staff focus on overall animal wellness, deliver personal care services, and even provide dog day care, all of which set us apart from many other pet wellness centers in the veterinary field.

Northeast Animal Hospital and Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic provide for the total health and well-being of your pet. Together, we are one-of-a-kind!

“The veterinarians and the vet techs are incredibly knowledgeable...”


“They truly do love what they’re doing and love the animals.”


“ They’re wonderful to both my furry children, and they treat me with respect.”


“Above all else, I really believe that they are sincerely compassionate about both my cat and me.”


“They truly take the time out of their day to check on you and honestly care about your pet’s wellbeing.”


“ I like that the doctor explained what she [was] doing and what she was looking for.”


“They take care of my dogs and most importantly they reassure and comfort me when I’m in the office.”


“Upon arrival, the facilities were spotless, the staff not just polite, but friendly and engaging.”


“Wonderful folks who care a lot about the animals. ”


“Thank you for turning a painful and stressful situation into a healing and empowering experience for both myself and my pet.”


“You will never feel rushed and all of your questions are answered. I highly recommend Northeast Animal Hospital.”


“I love the service I have received from this practice! ”


“Staff is wonderful, especially our primary vet…whom we love dearly!”


“Great vets. Great staff. They are so good with my dogs.”


“This was our first visit to Northeast Animal Hospital and the staff was amazing.”


“[My cat] clearly received the best of care, and I am so, so grateful.”


“I‘m ALWAYS treated with such respect and kindness when there...”


“The staff there is always welcoming and ready to answer my questions. ”


“The vet is clean, our Vet and our Vet nurse were extremely sweet and so great to my pup.”


“They are very accommodating when it comes to scheduling and getting us in there as soon as possible. ”


“Awesome! Just really awesome. From the front desk to the tech to the vet, everyone was awesome and really knowledgeable. ”


“Everyone on staff is very professional and caring about the pets and owners. ”


“Well trained staff that Love pets. Knowledgeable vets with excellent bedside manner.”


“The front desk staff are always very helpful and extremely patient with any questions I may have.”


“[Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic] is now the only place Yuki will be going from here on out!”


“The Vet as well as the entire staff are always friendly and super helpful!”


“Out of town visiting with our dog & they gave us excellent service!! ”


“Scooter had a wonderful first experience at the [Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic] office yesterday.”


“Thanks to the great clinical and daycare at [Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic], my pup is thriving.”


“Dr. Scribano was incredibly friendly and welcoming to both me and my dog. He explained every single vaccine and recommendation in detail and happily fielded my many many questions.”


“This is such a great animal hospital. With all of the glass windows you can see everything going on inside. The staff is nice and it’s very easy to get to.”


“Exceptional care! [They] were able to get my 2 cats and 1 dog in all the same day. All staff was super helpful. [They] even offered to help me to and from the car.”


“I appreciate that they’re very upfront with the pricing when they give you the options during the appointment.”


“They made a scary trip to the vet more manageable for owner and pet. Thank you [Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic].”


“Responsive, professional and really seem to care. We have a few home locations and they collected all Jack’s records and keep him on track! Thanks!”


“We absolutely love Dr. Scribano and the entire [Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic] staff! ”


“My dog goes here for daycare and I love this place. The location is great and convenient, the facilities are bright, cheery and clean and the staff is off the charts good.”


Donate to AVMF Today!

Are you looking to give to a local charity? The AVMF Veterinary Care Charitable Fund helps animals who are injured, who are victims of abuse and neglect, or whose pet owners are experiencing financial hardships. Rest assured that your gift will make an impact in the community!

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