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Northeast Animal Hospital

Home is a place of nurturing, protection, and well-being. Northeast Animal Hospital has been an extension of that basic foundation since 1973.

Our purpose is to widen the loving care that you provide your family to include the area of advanced veterinary medicine, and to treat pets as if they were our own. Together, you and our devoted veterinarians and support members can give your pet the compassionate healthcare that he or she deserves.

“I'm so excited to have joined the Northeast Animal Hospital team… I enjoy being able to provide the best medicine for our patients while getting to know the staff and building relationships.”—Jane, Business Manager.

“I enjoy the staff here and the diversity in my day—there’s always something different to do and see!”—Katie, Lead Veterinary Technician.

Northeast Animal Hospital Reception

Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic

Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic is the only veterinary clinic in the heart of “DTSP”. We created our clinic with busy pet owners in mind, to ensure visits with your pet are both convenient and timely.

We believe that pets are part of the family and deserve the very best care. Our doctors and support staff create a life experience for pets that combines passion for animals, great health, and a fun vibe! We love our staff of professionals and the difference they make in pets’ lives.

“My favorite part of working here is being part of a team where everyone, from the moment our client walks in the door, is dedicated to the well-being of the patient.”—Marisha, Practice Manager.

“The continuous learning and teamwork are key points in which I enjoy doing what I do so much.”—Melanie, Lead Pet Care Coordinator.

Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic Dr. Scribano

About Our Animal Hospital

Established in 1973, Northeast Animal Hospital has been serving families and pets of St. Petersburg for over 45 years.  Our administrative staff and team of veterinarians are devoted to providing quality and compassionate veterinary services for pets of all kinds, including birds and reptiles.  We provide preventative services, such as routine wellness exams and dental exams, as well as emergency aid. The team at Northeast Animal Hospital cares for your pets as if they were their own so that you and your pet feel right at home.

Northeast Animal Hospital Veterinarians

Northeast Animal Hospital and our Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic locations offer a wide array of veterinary services for companion pets, including Vaccinations, Diagnostics, Flea & Tick Treatment/Prevention, Spay & Neuter Services, Dental Care, End of Life & Cremation, Wellness Exams, Microchipping, Pain Management, Geriatric Care, and more.


"We are new to St. Pete and chose Northeast Animal Hospital after reading other online reviews. Our dog started experiencing seizures a few days ago and we called to see if they could get him in. They got us in that afternoon, were super affordable and supportive. When he had another seizure the following day and we were able to video tape it, we sent it in to them via email. They called us immediately and also called in new meds for him. Our dogs are our kids, so their responsiveness really meant a lot to us."

- Kelly Wass

dog services

Dog Services

At Northeast Animal Hospital and Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic, we offer both routine and emergency care services for dogs. Our approach to canine veterinary medicine revolves around a comprehensive, competent, and compassionate care program aimed at ensuring the highest quality of life for your dog. Our veterinarians and staff place an emphasis on the importance of preventive care, adequate exercise, and proper nutrition for all phases of your dog’s life.

We value the long-term relationship we have with many of our clients. Good communication and trust allow us to provide the best care for your dog.


Cat Services

We offer both routine wellness care as well as advanced diagnostic and surgical services for cats. Because the medical needs of cats are unique, our cat hospital utilizes specialized equipment, the training of employees, and facilities specific to felines. We aim to be “fear-free” for your cat by offering a separate cat entrance, two primarily cat examination rooms, and soft, cozy surfaces to help your cat feel safe and secure.

We feel that cats are part of the family. Our clients' response to the care we provide is the strongest testament to the quality of care we provide for their cats.

general services

General Services

Together, our devoted veterinarians work with pet owners to give their pets the compassionate care that they deserve. We are committed to keeping your pets healthy through routine annual and semi-annual wellness visits. Through services like dentistrydermatologyvaccinations, and preventive care, we can help you ensure that your pet lives a long, happy, and healthy life. In addition to our complete medical, surgical, and emergency care facilities, we also offer a wide variety of non-medical pet care services, like grooming and boarding, so you and your pet can rely on a team that you already know and trust.

Make Your Visit to Our Animal Hospital Even Easier


These forms will allow us to better serve our guests at Northeast Animal Hospital and the Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic.

By completing the forms prior to your pet’s next appointment, it allows for quicker wait times, and allows us to ensure your pet’s information is up to date at all times.

What Makes Northeast Animal Hospital Unique

What Sets Our Animal Hospital Apart

Home is a place of nurturing, protection, and well-being. Our sister practices, Northeast Animal Hospital and Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic, are an extension of that basic foundation.

Our purpose is to widen the loving care that you provide your family to include the area of advanced veterinary medicine. Together, you and our devoted veterinarians and support members can give your pet the compassionate healthcare that he or she deserves.

Paw It Forward at Northeast Animal Hospital

Are you looking to give to a local charity? Paw it Forward is our nonprofit organization administered through the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). It allows us to contribute funds to our clients' pets in need.


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