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Win Free Flea Protection for a Year!

While fleas are an especially common problem for dogs and cats during the summer months, pet owners in Florida actually have to battle parasites year round due to the temperate climate. The best way to prevent a flea infestation is to keep pets on a constant and consistent flea control regimen. When pets are on and off preventative medication, it’s likely they’ll get fleas!

Adult fleas live on your pet and lay eggs. These eggs drop off into the environment, where they hatch into larvae 14 days to one year later. Larvae prefer to live in dark, low traffic areas, such as under the couch or between couch cushions. After a few days, the larvae molt into pupae (a cocoon-like stage) and can stay dormant for up to six months. Pupae live in carpeting, between floor boards or in shady outdoor areas. Once this stage is over, the adult flea will jump back onto your pet.

If your house becomes infested with fleas it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean the environment, especially the areas where your pet sleeps. If your pet sleeps in your bed, wash all bedding and make sure to clean around and under the bed. Vacuuming is important. Remove all couch cushions and vacuum them, as well as under and around the couch. While you will not be able to remove all flea pupae and they will continue to hatch out, once you have your pet on flea prevention you will kill those fleas once they’ve hatched.

Fleas can be very frustrating to control, but with your veterinarian’s help, you can win the battle! Make that battle even easier by winning free flea prevention for a year! Buy a year’s supply of any product containing flea prevention and be entered into a drawing to have your purchase refunded!