Why Microchip Your Pet? It Could Save Your Pet’s Life!

Pet owners are very passionate about caring for their animals. Many pet owners across the country have gone that extra step to protecting their pets by getting them implanted with a microchip. The microchip is extremely tiny, in most cases less than the size of a grain of rice, and gets implanted by a veterinarian under the skin of the pet. This tiny computer is encased in glass and will not cause any problems because it is compatible with the living tissue of your pet.

There is usually no pain involved for your pet, the injection is similar to when they get a shot at the vet. Once the chip has been implanted in your pet, it can easily be located with a hand held scanning device. When you register your pet you will be given a number that will correspond to that chip. In the event that the pet is located and the chip is scanned, you can easily be reunited with your pet again. Here are just a few of the benefits to having a microchip implanted in your pet.

Protection for Life when Pet Microchipping

Once your pet is brought in to the veterinarian and they insert the microchip under the skin with the needle, that chip will continue to operate for the life of your pet. The microchip never needs to be replaced, it never needed to be removed, and it never needs any maintenance. That microscopic tracking device will alert anyone scanning your pet of your registration number for as long as your pet is alive.

This added protection will ensure that you will never have to endure the agony of being without your pet should they escape from your control one day. That little chip can quickly be identified by a veterinarian or the staff at an animal shelter. The technology is improving each year, and universal scanners will ensure that any chip can be read properly to reunite pets and families quickly.

Finding a Missing Pet. Does Your Pet Have a Microchip?

One of the most alarming statistics that the ASPCA has recently released is that rarely will a lost pet even find its way back home. The chances of your pet coming home are extremely rare, and the fact that it happens so infrequently has caused more interest in the pet microchip. Just last year alone over ten million pets did not make it back home to their owners. That is an alarming number, and the amount of heartbreak within each family is certainly unmeasurable. When your pet is allowed to roam in the backyard free, there are dozens of ways they can easily escape.

They can get through holes in the fence, gates can be left open by children or meter readers, and holes can be dug very quickly. Once your pet is off your property anything can happen. They can chase another animal and find themselves lost in a very short time. The microchip will ensure that once your pet is found by animal control or another homeowner, that they are identified and quickly reunited with you.

A Pet Microchip Can Help Many Pets When Involved in an Accident

Another good reason to have a microchip implanted in your pet is that one in every three pets will get lost at least once in their life. Many times the pets are quickly recovered, but when your pet is allowed to roam the neighborhood for a few hours, this is when bad things can happen. Accidents involving pets is all too common across this country, and if your pet is injured and brought to a pet hospital, once they have been taken care of, they often head right to the animal shelter.

The population in thee shelters is exploding, and without anyway to contact the owner, those pets are usually put down after a few weeks. A microchip will ensure that you and your pet are reunited fast, and that you can help them to mend after surgery. 22% of pets being recovered from the shelter had no chips, compared to over 52% that were saved who had chips in them. Having the microchip implanted in your pet increases the likelihood of them returning back home safely.