Northeast Animal Hospital
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What other services do we offer?

We see a lot of skin and allergy problems at Northeast Animal Hospital. These are common problems here in St Petersburg FL. We can help!


Allergies may manifest themselves with symptoms such as coughing, itchy feet and ears, inflammation of the skin, persistent scratching, chewing and face rubbing. Some pets lose hair and experience rashes that can lead to secondary skin infections.

We offer allergy testing and treatment ranging from prescription diets to immunotherapy. Whether your pet’s allergies are environmental or the result of ingredients in their food, we will recommend the best plan of action to provide relief for your pet.


Pets’ skin can have a number of problems, such as hair loss, parasites, growths, and infections. We provide a number of diagnostic tools including skin scrapes, skin cytology, biopsies and dermatophyte tests. We can then prescribe the most effective medications and treatments to resolve your pet’s skin issues, including the most effective flea, tick and mite products to provide much-needed relief for your pet.