These are a Few of Our Favorite (Pet) Things

Have you ever wondered what products our team members at Northeast Animal Hospital and Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic use for our own pets? Wonder no more! With Happy Cat Month and Responsible Dog Ownership Month both in September, it seems the perfect time to reveal a few of our (and our pets’!) favorite things.

Favorites from Our Veterinarians

Dr. Scribano loves Thunder Shirts for his dogs. They can help anxious pets cope during thunderstorms, fireworks, and at other times when noises can be overwhelming.

Dr. Scribano’s dogs love Thundershirts too!

Dr. Benham says that, hands down, the thing that has made her life easier is the Litter Robot automatic litter box! While it is on the pricier side, she reports that she has never regretted the purchase. It makes cleaning the litter box so much easier, and she can even track litter box usage to see if her kitty, Pirate Booty, is going more frequently, indicating a possible problem.

Dr. Benham also made and installed a “cat hole” that leads from the bedroom (where the cat spends most of her time) to the laundry room next door (where her food, water, and litter box are) so that she still has access to those things when the bedroom door is shut. That certainly makes everyone happy!

For her dog Kenzie, Dr. Benham has found toys made from recycled fire hose that are plush but do not contain fluff, just squeakers. This gives Kenzie days of enjoyment before she can destroy the toy, prevents Dr. Benham from finding fluff all over the house (or in Kenzie’s poo), and means that she doesn’t have to buy toys quite so often.

Litter Robot is available on the Litter Robot website.

Dr. Feldman says that she can also vouch for the Litter Robot. She got one for her cat, Superman, this past Christmas. Superman only has three legs so he has never been adept at burying; the whole house could tell when he had gone, shall we say, number two! The Litter Robot senses when your cat is in the litter box and will automatically cycle afterward so they are always walking into a clean box. Dr. Feldman’s entire household has benefited from Superman’s Christmas gift!

For her Great Dane, Xaria, her Gentle Leader has been a game changer. Xaria is reactive dog and likes to pull on her leash when she gets excited. At just about 100lbs, she could tow Dr. Feldman down the street if she wanted! Xaria’s gentle leader acts like a horse halter; it allows Dr. Felman to keep control of her head, and where her head goes, her body must follow. It allows Dr. Feldman to maintain control on their walks in a positive manner (unlike choke collars or prong collars) and allows her to continue to work on her pet’s classical conditioning.

Gentle Leader is available on the Pet Safe website.

Favorites from Our Support Staff

Jaimie, a Pet Care Coordinator, says that squeaky tennis balls are essential for her house. She could not survive without them for her ball dog Lola. Jaimie also loves the Wyze indoor camera which allows her to see her pets when she’s not home. She also really likes the Jackson Galaxy line of cat toys. They have an air prey wand teaser toy that her kitten Gouda loves. The actual wand is telescoping so you can change the size of it. It’s also retracting like a fishing rod so you can also change the different types of toys on the end.

Wyze Cam is available on the Wyze website.

Amanda, our Creative Specialist, has to keep an unusual toy stocked at all times for her Yorkie, London. While London can wield a stuffed animal toy the same size as her 5 pound frame like it’s nothing, her absolute favorite toy is actually made for cats from the brand, Our Pet. Their Play-N-Squeak “Mouse Hunter” toy makes an electronic squeaking sound when it’s touched. Amanda is pretty sure the reason it brings London such joy is because it annoys everyone else in the house!

The Play-N-Squeak “Mouse Hunter” is available at Petco.

London also can’t hold her bladder very long, so she was always soiling her crate. Putting a pee pad down only meant that London was sleeping next to a wet pad. The solution has been to hang a ferret hammock in her crate. Now London can hop down to potty on her pad, and then jump back into her snuggly hammock, staying high and dry.

Other Favorite Pet Things

There are plenty of other “favorites” that have formed a near-cult following and are best sellers from many online retailers. From fruit tart pet beds found on Amazon, to treat-tossing Furbo cameras, the items we consider must-haves for our pets can vary from the fun to the functional. Why hang a bell by the door for your dog to ring when they need to go outside, when actual doorbells for dogs are available?

Does your pet gobble their food too fast? Bowls that slow your pet down or elevated feeding stations allow for better digestion. Treat or food dispensing balls can make a pet work for their food. This is especially useful for kitties who may be on the tubby side, or for dogs who get bored easily. Safety items like seat belts are big sellers, and for good reason. Not only do they keep your pet safely out of the driver’s area, they can keep them from jumping out of a window, or secure in case of an accident.

The Furminator appeared in many “must-have” lists. This grooming tool helps reduce loose hair in your pet’s coat. We love it so much, we carried it in the office for many years. One item we can’t be without that you can still find in our office is odor eliminating candles, available in seasonal scents. We also have electric candle warmers available that release the fragrance, utilizing the power of scented candles without having to light them and have an open flame around pets.

Pet Odor Exterminator Candles are available at Chewy.

Little guys aren’t left out of the fun! Brain teaser toys for small pets like rabbits, chinchillas, and guinea pigs are very popular. These mental stimulating toys will reward your pet with treats when they solve the puzzle. Bird carrier backpacks allow you to take your bird with you on the go, while allowing them to safely see the world—especially useful when coming for wing and nail trim appointments with Dr. Scribano!

So, what are your favorite items for your pets? We’d love to know! Share them on our Facebook page or tag us in your pet’s photos!