Downtown St. Pete is Where it’s At!

Recently we were invited to go hear music outside of The Ale and the Witch on a Saturday night. My husband and I had been craving Thai from Sab Café next door to the pub in the Plaza Tower and I wanted to get some pictures of the progress of Downtown St. Pete Animal Hospital, so we jumped at the chance. We arrived downtown at around 5:00 and had a really delicious dinner, then headed out to the courtyard. People were starting to fill the tables and chairs outside as a band played.

headed over to see Downtown St. Pete Animal Hospital. All the flooring has been pulled up and the existing windows to the exams rooms removed. Most exciting of all, however, was our “Coming Soon!” banners! I snapped some pics and headed over to the Wine Madonna to order a glass of wine. Then, we met up with our friends and settled in for some good music and people watching.

I have to say, this little area is awesome! The atmosphere is something I hadn’t seen before; it was family friendly, as some people had children out there, and yet it didn’t take away the “trendy” factor. Of course, I loved the fact that there were quite a few well behaved dogs out there. The regulars all new each other by name, even the dogs’ names!

We had a such a great time; the weather, even though warm, was actually quite nice with a breeze going through the courtyard, and the occasional whiffs we’d get from The Ale and the Witch BBQ upstairs convinced us we have to try that next time. We are looking forward to going out there again and we will definitely have to bring Chloe to make some new doggy friends. It’s going to be such a great spot for Downtown St. Pete Animal Hospital…I can’t wait for us to open!

Downtown St. Pete Animal Hospital is located off Beach Dr at 111 2nd Ave NE and hopes to be open in November 2013.

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