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Doggy Day Care

Dog Day Care in St. Petersburg


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Pictured: “Big Al” and “Chance” Taylor

Day Care New Guest Form (PDF, 135KB)

How can dog day care alleviate my fears?

Working dog owners often worry about leaving their dogs at home. They are concerned about their pet’s overall well-being and health, and they may fret about the long hours of loneliness their dog has to endure while their owners are at work or running errands for the day. Owners are also concerned about leaving their dogs at home at times because of the fear of messes or destruction their pet may cause when he or she goes without proper supervision.

At Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic, we provide a viable option for working dog owners to alleviate their concerns. We provide doggy day care services in St. Petersburg for anyone looking to keep their dogs safe during the day.

  • Alleviates the associated fears of your dog being home alone during the day
  • Provides a large climate-controlled area with proper feeding and watering
  • Offers opportunities for socialization and play with other compatible dogs
  • Gives peace of mind with a supervised, safe, and structured environment
  • Allows easy access to veterinary and pet care services in the same facility

If you are concerned about leaving your dog alone in your home, please consider our easy and affordable day care services.

How much does dog day care cost, and what are the rewards?

While you are at work or otherwise spending a day out, your pet may be missing out on some crucial time to exercise, play, and interact. Dogs who do not have stay-at-home owners live rather sedentary lives in comparison to dogs that have more opportunities to actively play throughout the day.

At our doggy day care, we provide socialization and exercise for dogs of all sizes, which ensure greater health and longevity of life. Your dog will have an opportunity to play with other dogs and our friendly staff, all the while being fed and hydrated properly. While they have the opportunity for a lot of cooperative playtime, dogs will also have individual space if they don’t particularly like to play with other dogs or are afraid of new environments.

Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic Dog Day Care Rates

Click to download our Dog Day Care Rates (PDF, 478K)

What makes dog day care at DTSP Vet Clinic different?

Besides the health benefits we mentioned above, many busy dog owners in St. Petersburg will enjoy our dog day care over others because of our dedication to your pets. While other day-time or extended-hours kennels house your pets in small cages, we provide your pets with an interactive environment, which is known to benefit their health and well-being.

Dogs that have regular opportunities to run around with other dogs are generally happier, as they are better able to cope with depression and separation anxiety. Your dog will get all the benefits of being able to run around in a supervised, safe, and structured area, providing you with relief knowing your pet is in good hands.

Of course, we are happy to care for the wellness of your dog or puppy too. Please browse our dog veterinary services to see how we can help maintain the health of your beloved friend. Our reviews give testimony to the loving care we give all our visitors and patients!

Interested in having your dog attend Day Care? Just print and fill out this form and bring it with you when you visit: Day Care New Guest Form

Important notice about visitors and vaccinations:

For the well being of all our day boarders, we require that all guests staying in our facility, as well as pets visiting us for grooming, be up-to-date on vaccines [Canine Influenza (H3N8 and H3N2), DA2PP, Bordetella (within 6 months), Intestinal Parasite Screening (within 6 months), Leptospirosis (L4), and Rabies] and flea & tick prevention (within 30 days).

If your pet is not up-to-date on vaccines, we can update them here!

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