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"Annie" Turgeon the Dog
Pictured: "Annie" Turgeon

Why are my dog's nutrition and diet so important?

What we eat can have negative effects on our own well-being and health. The same is true for what our dogs consume on a daily basis. An unhealthy diet for dogs can also lead to such things as obesity, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and more. Since we are a proactive- and prevention-focused veterinary hospital, we provide the latest and best dog nutrition options that we can.

Prescription diets that are recommended to help treat dogs with certain diseases are also available at Northeast Animal Hospital, or available for order at both locations. Prescription diets are formulated to reduce or minimize clinical symptoms or help promote recovery. Some of the conditions that prescription diets may help include: gastrointestinal disease, osteoarthritis, skin disease, urinary stones, and obesity.

For general nutrition, our vets believe in all-natural pet foods which do not contain any artificial flavors, colors, sugars, or chemical preservatives. Some options are even available for online order or automatic home delivery!

What are some available options for dog nutrition?

Natural Pet Food

Purina® ProPlan®

Purina employs over 400 scientists, veterinarians, and nutritionists to continually expand over 85 years of pet nutrition research and innovation. Their aim is to create dog nutrition foods that help maintain your dog’s energy, resilience, skin, coat, and body condition during every life stage.

You can arrange for automatic home delivery of Purina ProPlan pet foods. Click here to create an account for Purina ProPlan VetDirect, and begin ordering online!

Life’s Abundance®

Life’s Abundance dog foods are available for online ordering. Click here to shop Life’s Abundance.

Life’s Abundance Premium Health dog food is made with only quality ingredients such as premium natural chicken and top-quality catfish with fresh fruit, vegetables, and select farm foods. Premium Health dog foods also contain a superior blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

If your dog is one year or older, and his weight is a growing concern, consider Life’s Abundance nutritious, low-fat Weight-Loss Formula. It is formulated to be part of a weight-loss or weight control program; it is nutritionally balanced to deliver the support dogs need to lose fat and maintain a healthy weight.

Prescription Diets

Royal Canin®

Royal Canin has a comprehensive selection of high-quality, prescription-only canine diets that treat the animal in addition to the disease. This category of diets is designed to help address diseases in dogs that are predisposed to certain health issues such as gastrointestinal, osteoarticular, skin, and urinary conditions, as well as obesity.

Royal Canin prescription diets take into account the common combinations of these sensitivities, along with the age and size of your dog. With exceptional palatability, Royal Canin diets include all required nutrients to address clinical health conditions and help your dog recover from them.


You may know Hill’s by their popular Science Diet pet foods. But did you know they also offer a comprehensive Prescription Diet line of dog nutrition foods? Representatives from Hill’s regularly visit our practice to ensure our veterinarians are educated in their latest innovations in canine prescription diets.

Our combined devotion to the health and recovery of your pet moves us to share our knowledge and, in turn, to educate our clients. Digestive Care, Urinary Care, Kidney Care, Weight Management, and Skin/Food Sensitivities are just some of the diets that Hill’s has innovated in partnership with veterinarians.

Please view the WSAVA (The World Small Animal Veterinary Association) document for help on Selecting the Best Food for your Pet. The document contains questions you can ask a pet food maker to find out if the food you are feeding your pet is actually what the package claims, and whether it meets recommended levels of nutritious ingredients.

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