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Cat Preventive Care


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Cat Preventive Care St. Petersburg

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Why is preventive care so important to my cat?

There are two ways to resolve health issues in your cat: preventive care and corrective treatment. Preventive medicine is the easiest and most effective way to keep your companion healthy and happy. Preventive care is always easier to achieve because it addresses health problems before they occur. On the other hand, corrective treatment is always a little harder on your cat because the damage is already done.

The key to successful prevention is regularity. As you know, if you want to prevent your car from running out of fuel on the road, you must regularly visit the gas station to get more gas. The same principle applies to your cat's health. If you want to prevent serious health problems, you must regularly ensure your cat is not suffering the early symptoms or stages of a medical condition.

That's where we can help. Cats have a survival instinct that often prompts them to hide their health problems. Owners may not realize their cat is sick or impared until the damage has irreversibly lowered his or her quality of life. On the other hand, skilled veterinarians can perform regular feline examinations to detect any onset of illness, and treat it. The regularity will help ensure we can do so before your cat's condition gets worse and more expensive to treat.

What does regular preventive care involve?

One size does not fit all when it comes to preventive medicine. We will tailor a program specifically to accommodate your cat's needs and lifestyle. When we detect diseases or problems early, we can determine the most effective, timely, and affordable preventive care program for your cat. A typical preventive care program will address your pet's activity, interaction with other people and pets, diet, and so much more.

Routine preventive care involves your veterinarian in these ways:

  • Routine wellness examinations, including dental exams, performed biannually
  • Individualized vaccination protocols based on your cat’s needs
  • Parasite management to keep both your cat and your family healthy and free from pests and worms
  • Blood chemistry screening to detect changes in your cat's health before clinical signs appear
  • Dietary considerations to help prevent obesity and keep your cat active and happy

We make these procedures as affordable and convenient as possible—creating a wellness schedule that best fits you and your pet. We educate cat owners on preventive care because we know great veterinary care actually begins in the home. We want you to enjoy as much time with your feline friend as possible, which means knowing how to help address your cat's everyday health needs.

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