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"Mazeltov" the Cat
Pictured: "Mazel"

How can my vet improve my cat’s nutrition and diet?

We strive to provide your cat with the best quality care possible, even down to the foods and supplements that we make available at our Northeast Animal Hospital location. We offer all-natural cat foods that contain no artificial flavors, colors, sugars, or chemical preservatives.

Our veterinarians offer our clients and patients the latest veterinary dietary information. Northeast Animal Hospital has a wide range of cat nutrition foods and supplements available for purchase. Some are also available for order and pick up at either location, by online ordering, or for automatic home delivery.

We also offer prescription feline diets that treat the animal in addition to the disease; they provide all required nutrients to minimize clinical symptoms or promote recovery. Preventive diets are also available that help guard against disease in cats that are predisposed to certain conditions such as gastrointestinal disease, osteoarthritis, skin disease, urinary stones, and obesity.

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has produced a PDF document to help pet owners in Selecting the Best Food for your Pet. The document educates owners on how to identify pet foods that are truly nutritious, which may not be obvious by reading food labels and ingredients.

What options are available for my cat's nutrition?

Natural Pet Food

Purina® ProPlan®

Purina ProPlan cat foods are available for automatic shipments to your home! Click here for the clients' registration page for Purina Pro Plan VetDirect, and begin ordering online.

ProPlan cat food formulas are high in protein and contain real meat, poultry, or fish. Their website features a convenient way to find the ideal formula based on your cat’s age, body condition, sensitivities, appetite, and more. Special veterinary diets and supplements are also available.

Life’s Abundance®

Life’s Abundance cat foods are available for order online. Click here for the Life’s Abundance online store.

Life’s Abundance Premium Health cat foods are made with only quality ingredients such as a delectable blend of premium natural chicken, liver, turkey, and catfish, along with vegetables and grasses that will appeal to even the most discriminating palate. Premium Health cat nutrition foods contain a great blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help contribute to a healthy daily diet.

Life’s Abundance Instinctive Choice cat food is formulated to provide your cat with a meal that is similar in nutrition and moisture to what a feline would eat in the wild. Instinct is king with cats, and they will purr over this protein rich food that contains organic chicken, turkey, chicken liver, and shrimp. Instinctive Choice meals also contain a little bit of grass, which provides many nutrients to help support a healthy urinary tract.

Prescription Diets

Royal Canin®

From kittens to seniors, for breeds and individual health needs, Royal Canin offers diets tailored for your cat’s nutrition. Their recipes are formulated to provide the exact combination of natural vitamins, minerals, and other essentials for your cat’s unique health requirements.

Specific diets address factors related to a feline’s urinary health, stress, oral hygiene, joints, kidneys, weight, and more. Royal Canin’s prescription cat formulas boast high quality, premium nutrition with exceptional palatability. They nourish the whole cat—from her skin to her digestive balance.


We are what we eat. That saying also applies to the feline member of your family. And when your cat is facing or recovering from a disease common to cats, you want them to feel what they eat too: Better! With the help of veterinarians and nutritionists, Hill’s Prescription Diets cater to the specific needs of cat nutrition to help achieve a higher quality of life for your purring kitty.

Your cat’s weight, digestive, urinary, and kidney health are the focus of just some of Hill’s Prescription Diets for cats. Science is the cornerstone to better health. With a perfect balance of nutrients, and a winning formula of tasty and therapeutic ingredients, your cat will feel—and you will see—the difference a prescription diet can make!

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