Cat Boarding In St. Petersburg, FL

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What You Need to Know.

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Pictured: “Daytona” Eppley

Should I leave my cat home alone while I'm on vacation?

  • Cats become lonely and anxious without companionship
  • Cats become bored without mental and physical stimulation
  • Cats often prefer both dry food and wet food
  • Cats prefer to drink fresh water over stale water
  • Cats may refuse to use a litter box that is too dirty
  • Cats may need emergency care in case of sickness or injury

If your cat is home alone while everyone else in the family is on vacation, how would you know if your cat got sick or injured? Who would provide playful companionship and opportunities for contented purring? Cat boarding can be the answer to a feline’s need for special care and attention.

You can make the cat boarding process easier by completing and submitting our Boarding Check-In Form before your visit. If you have any questions, or would like to tour our facilities, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Please call today to make a reservation, and ask us about extra care.

What should I know about cat boarding?

  • Cat boarding is separate from dog boarding areas
  • Meals should consist of your cat’s own food and feeding schedule, but we can provide a diet that is formulated for sensitive stomachs (Science Diet Sensitive Stomach)
  • Any current medications can be dispensed during your cat’s stay
  • Cats must be current on vaccinations and have had an intestinal parasite screening within the past 6 months
  • Flea & tick prevention will be administered upon admission, at additional cost, if these parasites are discovered on your cat
  • Bedding material will be provided, where deemed appropriate
  • We can provide extra care for an additional fee

Your cat is as important to us as he or she is to you. Our devotion to pets includes the attentive care you would expect from your animal hospital. Our staff is trained and qualified to take care of your cat while you are away—within secure, clean, and comfortable facilities.

We have implemented policies that reflect our commitment to the welfare and quality care of your feline friends. We appreciate your understanding of our policies.

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