Northeast Animal Hospital
1401 4th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33704

Northeast Animal Hospital Reviews

We are very proud of the compassionate care our staff provides the pets of St. Petersburg! Please read a few Northeast Animal Hospital reviews from some of our happy clients…

“While at the office, the entire staff (including the veterinarians, themselves) works to calm and coddle the animal, so as to make the experience as positive as possible. Also, the veterinarians and the vet techs are incredibly knowledgeable, and will patiently explain any and all issues throughout the visit.”—Kevin.

“They actually make you feel like your dog is part of their family and treat the animals and the pet parents with the upmost care and concern… They truly do love what they’re doing and love the animals.”—Jessie.

“Everyone here clearly loves animals. They’re wonderful to both my furry children, and they treat me with respect. Couldn’t have asked to find a better practice!”—Sarah.

“Above all else, I really believe that they are sincerely compassionate about both my cat and me. They consider the care that is needed for my cat while also working with me and my emotions and my ability to care for my cat. I really get great support from them!”—Caroyln.

“It has been a few weeks since our loss and I am still getting letters and handwritten cards from our Vet and staff, which mean the world to me. They truly take the time out of their day to check on you and honestly care about your pet’s wellbeing.”—Erin.

“As someone who has worked for a Humane Society, boarding facility and vets office, I am really happy to have found this office after my most recent move to St. Pete… I like that the doctor explained what she [was] doing and what she was looking for.”—Alisha.

“I love this place!… They take care of my dogs and most importantly they reassure and comfort me when I’m in the office. Great staff!”—Deidre.

“Upon arrival, the facilities were spotless, the staff not just polite, but friendly and engaging… They offer a wellness plan (definitely beneficial for puppy’s first year) and they also offer a free exam if your pet is a rescue. What’s not to love about this place?”—Nanette.

“Wonderful folks who care a lot about the animals. The vets took their time and would answer all my questions, and paid attention to the smallest detail, taking the white coat off to make the pup less afraid, getting down on the floor to say hi to a dog hiding under the bench, helping me find lower cost medicine for my dogs and always being able to fit me in when they needed to be seen.”—Sarah.

“The treatment he has received has been excellent—everything from his nails getting trimmed and his ears being cleaned complimentarily while visiting for his checkups to the knowledgeable prescribing of his medications… Thank you for turning a painful and stressful situation into a healing and empowering experience for both myself and my pet.”—Jynn.

“The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. You will never feel rushed and all of your questions are answered. I highly recommend Northeast Animal Hospital!”—Stephanie.

“I love the service I have received from this practice! They have always been absolutely wonderful to my two dogs, and I love the care and attention they provide.”—Ashley.

“They have consistently given us great caring and professional service throughout routine visits, unexpected illnesses, and even the sad death of one of our elderly dogs. We know we can always trust them to give our pets the very best care. Staff are wonderful, especially our primary vet…whom we love dearly!”—Laurie.

“Great vets. Great staff. They are so good with my dogs.”—Sandra.

“This was our first visit to Northeast Animal Hospital and the staff was amazing. They made us feel like family from the moment we walked in.”—Mark.

“Normally, vet visits have my cat curled up in a ball, cowering and shaking in fear, so I was expecting to pick up a frightened little furball. However, when I arrived to pick my cat up from a long day in the hospital, she was perky, happy, playful, and affectionate! She clearly received the best of care, and I am so, so grateful.”—Jean.

“I‘m ALWAYS treated with such respect and kindness when there with one of my cats at Northeast Animal Hospital, that I couldn’t be happier.”—Catherine.

“The staff there is always welcoming and ready to answer my questions. All of the doctors are able to explain things thoroughly and present you with multiple treatment options. They understand that each pet is truly an individual and provide outstanding customized care. Boarding, grooming, and veterinary services are always top notch and scheduling is a breeze. We are customers for life!”—Nadia.

“From my first call to check out Northeast to our visit, everyone is extremely kind and helpful. The vet is clean, our Vet and our Vet nurse were extremely sweet and so great to my pup. Vet immediately sat down and played with my dog before starting the exam. Loved my experience.”—Caitlin.

“They are very accommodating when it comes to scheduling and getting us in there as soon as possible. The veterinarians are very compassionate and understanding and have treated my dog very well… I highly recommend this Animal Hospital to all.”—Elliot.

“Awesome! Just really awesome. From the front desk to the tech to the vet, everyone was awesome and really knowledgeable. The owner of the practice was the doctor who saw my dog that day and he was funny and warm—just a great place. Highly recommend Northeast!”—Amy.

“Everyone on staff is very professional and caring about the pets and owners. Glad I chose NE Animal Hospital to take my senior rescue dog.”—Rebecca.

“Well trained staff that Love pets. Knowledgeable vets with excellent bedside manner.”—Mikey.

“The front desk staff are always very helpful and extremely patient with any questions I may have. They know what they are doing and make the beginning of your visit very efficient and pleasant. The technicians and vets are gentle and highly knowledgeable and translate my dogs issues very well to me… Their wellness program has made addressing the needs of my dog affordable and accessible. I could not be more pleased to take my baby to them.”—Bonnie.