Can You Trust Dr. Google With the Health of Your Pet?

Imagine a doctor that diagnoses medical conditions and dispenses medical advice for FREE! You don’t even have to leave the house! Where do we sign up, right? BUT, the doctor is never available for an appointment to follow up on what he told you; he won’t even pick up the phone when you try to call with additional questions! In fact, he doesn’t really care if you follow his advice or not—or if his advice actually causes harm. We are, of course, talking about “Dr. Google.”

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Downtown St. Pete is Where it’s At!

Recently we were invited to go hear music outside of The Ale and the Witch on a Saturday night. My husband and I had been craving Thai from Sab Café next door to the pub in the Plaza Tower and I wanted to get some pictures of the progress of Downtown St. Pete Animal Hospital, so we jumped at the chance. We arrived downtown at around 5:00 and had a really delicious dinner, then headed out to the courtyard. People were starting to fill the tables and chairs outside as a band played.

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Beware Online Pharmacy and Drugs

July 14, 2010

“Discount pet drugs- no prescription required” may appeal to pet owners surfing the Web, but FDA experts say it can be risky to buy drugs online from sites that tout this message and others like it. The following are some facts that you may not be aware of:

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Canine Influenza Vaccine

In April 2015, a new strain of canine influenza was identified by the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. An older strain, H3N8, has a vaccine and is discussed in this article. The new strain, H3N2, is currently being researched for the development of a vaccine. It is not known whether the H3N8 vaccine will protect against the newer H3N2. We will update this article when more information about the new strain is available.—Updated May 13, 2015.

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Why Microchip Your Pet? It Could Save Your Pet’s Life!

Pet owners are very passionate about caring for their animals. Many pet owners across the country have gone that extra step to protecting their pets by getting them implanted with a microchip. The microchip is extremely tiny, in most cases less than the size of a grain of rice, and gets implanted by a veterinarian under the skin of the pet. This tiny computer is encased in glass and will not cause any problems because it is compatible with the living tissue of your pet.

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It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

Spring is in the air once again and it’s a great time to make everything new again! In my house, nothing motivates me to clean more than brand new cleaning supplies! Yes, I do get excited about cleaning supplies, along with organizational systems and gadgets. But before breaking out the window cleaner and antibacterial multipurpose spray, take just a moment to consider your pets.

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Let Your Pet Help You Work Out!

We’ve written blogs about exercising your pet; how to keep them healthy while jogging around St. Petersburg, or cool gadgets that allow you to bike safely with your dog, but how many of us find that we can’t exercise on our own without a little, er, help, from our furry friends? My friend laughs that as soon as she rolls her yoga mat out her cat runs over to stretch on it. I myself can’t lie down to do crunches without Chloe, my little Chihuahua, lying on top of me- but resistance training is good, right?!

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