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Local Businesses Need Our Support!

You’ll find this to be a different kind of blog post for us, because this one isn’t about pet health or pet care. Rather, this is a post about “people care” which, when you think about it, ultimately affects everyone: our family, our friends, our neighbors, our community, and—yes—even our pets.

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Staying Home with Your Pet Amidst COVID-19

Life has definitely changed in the past several of weeks. Daily we hear of more and more store, restaurant, and beach closures and of event cancellations. "Social distancing" has become part of our everyday vernacular. In St. Petersburg, for now, we are still allowed—among other things—to go to the grocery store and to the park. We are allowed to walk outside freely (with the very strong recommendation that we endeavor to keep a distance of at least 6 feet from another person). Those are a few of the things that those of us with pets, particularly dogs, still need to do.

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Pets and the Novel Coronavirus

When the current outbreak of novel coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, first came to light in December 2019, researchers indicated that animals were the likely source of the virus. So people are naturally asking, Can my pet contract and transmit this virus? That question has become even more valid after one dog, the pet of an infected owner in Hong Kong, recently tested "weak positive" for the virus.

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Can You Trust Dr. Google With the Health of Your Pet?

Imagine a doctor that diagnoses medical conditions and dispenses medical advice for FREE! You don’t even have to leave the house! Where do we sign up, right? BUT, the doctor is never available for an appointment to follow up on what he told you; he won’t even pick up the phone when you try to call with additional questions! In fact, he doesn’t really care if you follow his advice or not—or if his advice actually causes harm. We are, of course, talking about “Dr. Google.”

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Downtown St. Pete is Where it’s At!

Recently we were invited to go hear music outside of The Ale and the Witch on a Saturday night. My husband and I had been craving Thai from Sab Café next door to the pub in the Plaza Tower and I wanted to get some pictures of Downtown St. Pete Animal Hospital, so we jumped at the chance. We arrived downtown at around 5:00 and had a really delicious dinner, then headed out to the courtyard. People were starting to fill the tables and chairs outside as a band played.

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