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Staying at Home with “Weird” Pets

Being home more means having more time to observe our pets’ occasional weird behavior. Just why do they do the things they do? For some of these quirks, scientists still don’t have all the answers. But sometimes, just knowing we’re not alone may be all the answer we need. So here’s our list of oddities for both dogs and cats:

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Helping Our Pets Adjust When We Return to Work

Sheltering in place for us probably meant a significant reduction in our interaction with other people. But for our pets, all of that lost socialization on our part wasn’t lost on them. They no doubt relished all the time and attention they received due to our being home more. But as pet owners begin to return to work, we can’t expect our pets* to understand that it’s back to business as usual.

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Responsible Pet Adoption in the Time of COVID-19

We are encouraged that officials are now so focused on efforts to gradually return our communities back to normal after the threat of COVID-19 has passed. Sadly though, many people still find themselves isolated, furloughed, or without a job right now; and their time at home is spent in anxious worry.

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Working From Home with Your Pet

We think it’s safe to say that most of us are bored these days. It seems forever ago that we could grab dinner or a drink with our friends; go to concerts or to the theater; or enjoy one of the many markets, festivals, or other events that St. Petersburg does so well. 

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A Matter of Time, and How to Find It

“Time poor.” That’s a term we just learned. It seems we are busier than ever these days, despite the fact that technology was supposed to make our lives more productive with less time and energy spent. A study in 2008 (can you believe that was almost 12 years ago?!) revealed that American’s leisure time dropped a staggering 20% than the previous year. To compensate for lack of time, many of us prioritize the most important things, while many times forgetting things that can be put off till later.

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Calling All Dogs: Popular Pet Names

We come across some unusual pet names here at Northeast Animal Hospital—"Buford Von Puppyheimer III" is one that readily comes to mind. But according to the website, Rover.com, it’s really not that odd. Some of the most unusual names in 2018 included Jimmy Chew, Beau Dacious, and Salvador Dogi. When it comes to uncommon names, you may want to add names like Fido, Spot, and Rover to the list.

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