Keep Your Pets Flea Free

There are several major brands for the treatment and protection against flea infestations in pets. So this raises the question: Should I keep my pet on the brand I’ve been using, or should I try something new?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Many people prefer a once a month pill to a topical application. A pill means no odor and no potential for transferring a topical to the carpet or furniture. However, for some dogs and cats, giving them a pill is easier said than done, and a topical treatment works best for them.
  • We have seen that newer products are proving more successful for treating fleas than older products that fleas may have built up a resistance to.
  • An all-in-one treatment for heartworm and flea prevention is less expensive than purchasing one product for flea prevention and another for heartworm.

Regardless of which flea treatment you decide on, remember that consistency is key. Remember to give on the same day every month, especially when giving heartworm prevention.