It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

Spring is in the air once again and it’s a great time to make everything new again! In my house, nothing motivates me to clean more than brand new cleaning supplies! Yes, I do get excited about cleaning supplies, along with organizational systems and gadgets. But before breaking out the window cleaner and antibacterial multipurpose spray, take just a moment to consider your pets.

Most traditional cleaners leave behind toxic vapors in the air along with residue that can adhere to pets’ paws and be ingested. While it’s true that it’s rare for a pet to become sick unless a quantity of cleaner was inhaled or ingested, it’s becoming so easy to find pet-friendly cleaning products at grocery and big-box stores that making the switch was hard to argue with for us. I’ve even made some of my own cleaning supplies for pennies using recipes I’ve found on Pinterest!

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Okay, back to cleaning… after buying or making fun pet-friendly cleaners, which, I should mention, are also good for the environment, here are some other great, pet-geared, spring cleaning tips:

• Winterize your pet’s clothing. If your pets were sporting some sweaters to keep warm the past few months, be sure to launder or have them dry cleaned according to the item’s care label. If having them dry cleaned, air them out thoroughly before storing. Store clothing in a dry area without mothballs.

• Sanitize crates and carriers. Clean these items with a mild, non-toxic disinfectant or warm soapy water. Air out carriers and crates before your pet is confined to them again. Continue to wipe out your pet’s crate weekly and disinfect as needed.

• Scour food and water dishes. Dishes should be cleaned at least once a week. Some bowls can simply be placed in the dishwasher. If not, then a good scrubbing with dishwashing soap and hot water works too.

• Wash bedding and blankets. It’s a good idea to launder your pet’s bedding once a week, and after your pet has had a bath. Nothing is better than having a clean pet sleeping in a clean bed!

• Treat your pet to a spring cleaning with a trip to the groomer! For longer haired dogs, getting their winter coat trimmed is a great way to get ready for spring, but longhaired and shorthaired dogs alike will appreciate having a good bath, ears cleaned, and nails trimmed- even if they won’t admit it!