How to Find Dog and Cat Boarding for Your Next Trip

Dog and Cat Boarding at Northeast Animal Hospital

You’ve got the hotel booked, itinerary planned, and now all you need is a place for your pets to stay while you’re out of town. Figuring out dog and cat boarding—where they will stay and how much it will cost—can add a layer of stress on top of the guilt you already may be feeling about having to leave pets behind.

There are many things to consider when searching for “overnight dog and cat boarding near me.” What vaccines does the facility require? Can your pets stay together? How often will they get to go outside or play? What if a medical emergency arises while you’re away? How much will it cost?

Requirements for Boarding your Dog or Cat

Vaccine requirements for staying at a boarding facility can vary. Some will require updates to all vaccines, including bordetella and flu vaccines within 6 months of their stay (for dogs). So it’s good to inquire when booking. Some facilities may also require administration of a flea preventative, which is good to do even if it is not a requirement. You want to make sure it’s just your pet you’re bringing home at the end of their stay!

If your pet is on medication, ensure you have enough of the medication for their stay. Also, be sure to provide it to the boarding facility along with dosage and instructions. You will also want to bring enough of their regular food, with feeding instructions and schedule. A sudden change of food can make an already anxious tummy even worse. So it’s best to provide a diet that your pet is already familiar with.

Provide emergency contact information including your phone number, the number of a local friend or family member in case you’re unavailable, and your veterinarian.

Pet Behavior Can be Unpredictable During Boarding

Check with the facility to see what they will allow you to bring. It may seem comforting to bring along their favorite toy, their bed, and even something that smells like their favorite human. However, a dog that does fine with these things at home may become destructive, and even ingest them, due to stress or boredom during boarding.

A boarding facility may try to have activities to keep your pet busy while you’re gone. But it’s still not home, and your pet may behave in a completely different way. Give the staff a heads up as to any behavior issues that may crop up and solutions to put your pet at ease. For example, do they get along well with other people and dogs? Do they favor men or women?

Dog and Cat Boarding at a Veterinarian

Some veterinarians, like Northeast Animal Hospital, offer in-house boarding. The advantage to this is that veterinary staff can see quickly to any emergency needs that arise. If your pet is a patient here, then the staff already knows your pet’s history. Boarding at your veterinarian’s office is especially helpful if your pet has preexisting health issues.

You may also consider having the veterinary staff take care of your pet’s bath while you’re gone. Some veterinarians offer packages of extra walks or special playtime during the day. Ask the facility if they provide any of these services.

Multiple boarding areas allow us to separate canines of different sizes, which helps alleviate fear and stress. And cat condos are available as well, in a separate area of the hospital. If you have more than one pet, we may be able to honor any request to have them share a single kennel unit, if the selected unit allows for their safety and comfort.

The Cost of Dog and Cat Boarding

When it comes to cost, be sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Find out exactly what they offer and the level of care they feature. Also, make sure they carry some sort of insurance in the rare case of injury to your pet, or your pet gets lost, under their care.

We wish to provide the best health care for your pet beyond the boarding experience, so please let us know if you would like us to perform your pet’s regular wellness exam or address any specific medical concerns while they are staying as our boarding guest. We will be happy to provide a cost estimate for these or any other additional services at your request.

With a little planning, your pet can have a great vacation while you’re away! Call us to make a boarding reservation for your pet today!