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Do You Have a (Wellness) Plan?

Have you been looking for comprehensive pet insurance but are frustrated because most policies don’t include general pet wellness visits? You’re not alone. Many pet parents don’t realize that pet insurance differs from health insurance for humans in that most veterinary pet insurance plans don’t cover routine wellness visits and other services. They are designed to help you manage your budget and not break the bank for unplanned emergencies or major illnesses. But, if you are looking for a plan to cover routine visits and minor illnesses, there are options to get coverage for pet wellness visits.

Pet Wellness Plans vs. Pet Insurance: What’s the Difference?

Pet insurance plans typically cover accident and major illness services but not routine wellness veterinary visits and other services. Here’s a general list of what pet wellness plans vs pet insurance offers using a dog as an example:

Dog Wellness Plan Coverage

  • A comprehensive physical exam
  • All necessary vaccinations(1 set for adults; up to 4 sets for puppies)
  • Dental prophylaxis and cleaning (for adults on our Gold or Platinum Plan)
  • Spay or neuter surgery (for puppies 1 year or younger on our Gold Plan)
  • De-worm/hook & round worms (for puppies; 3 treatments)
  • Intestinal parasite fecal exam (2 exams)
  • Canine heartworm test
  • Complete blood count (for adults)
  • Free, unlimited office calls with a technician
  • Complimentary nail trims
  • $10 co-pay for scheduled exams
  • $40 co-pay for after hours ER exam at BluePearl Veterinary Partners (Tampa Bay Area)
  • $40 co-pay for Initial Specialty Exam at BluePearl Veterinary Partners (Tampa Bay Area)
  • Additional benefits depending on the level of care (ask us for more details)

Pet Insurance Coverage

  • Accidents
  • Major Illnesses
  • Emergency care
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions
  • Orthopedic conditions
  • Prescription medications

Let us help you find the best coverage for your pet’s needs. Sign up for a Northeast Animal Wellness Plan for your pet, pay in full, and save the $99 enrollment fee!