Cheap Pet Food—Is it Worth the Cost?

Cat eating from a food bowl

The price of housing, groceries, and gas are getting higher than we’ve experienced in a while. So shelters are seeing a rise in pet intakes due to pet owners struggling financially. If you’ve sought out this blog article because you’re having trouble affording your pet’s food, we’re sorry that you’re struggling right now. But you […]

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How to Give an Injection to a Difficult Cat

Cat hiding it’s face

When it comes to giving your diabetic cat an insulin injection, your veterinarian will give you detailed instructions to help you and your kitty feel comfortable with the process. And, if you need a refresher, there is no shortage of online instructions for insulin injection administration. But what happens if you get home and your […]

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Does My Dog Have Mange?

Dog scratching. Could it be mange?

If your dog is scratching and begins to lose hair, mange may not always immediately spring to mind as the cause. After all, when we hear the word “mange,” we may think of sick dogs that emerge from hoarding cases or puppy mills. Further, the term “mangy mutt” is usually used for neglected street dogs. […]

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Traveling With Your Dog Boating

Boating safely with a life jacket on our dog

In our continuing “Traveling With Your Dog…” series, we want to share some tips on boating safety. Temperatures are rising and ‘tis the season to be out on the water, whether that be on a kayak, canoe, or larger vessel. It can be a lot of fun to bring your dog along for the adventure, […]

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How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Dogs’ ears can tell us a lot about how they are feeling. Ears that are perked up and forward can mean that the dog is alert and paying attention. Ears held back and flat against the head can indicate fear or aggression. Stinky ears? Now that’s telling us something totally different. We’ll offer some directions […]

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