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The Scoop on Poop

If you enjoy people watching while you’re out and about in St. Petersburg, you’ll notice one thing that hopefully all dog walkers have in common. Whether it’s a fancy plastic bag dispenser clipped to the leash or simply a repurposed grocery bag, everyone should be carrying a baggie to scoop the poop.

What’s the big deal if I don’t pick it up?

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Traveling With Your Dog to State Parks

We are kicking off a series of blogs entitled, “Traveling With Your Dog to…” to spotlight dog-friendly destinations around the Tampa Bay area. In this first installment, we will be traveling to Hillsborough River State Park to let you in on what you can expect when you go exploring the great outdoors with your dog. We chose Hillsborough River State Park due to its close proximity to St. Petersburg. After about a 45 minute drive from St. Pete, we were greeted by a very friendly ranger at the entrance gate.

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Get the Scoop: What Your Pet's Poop is Telling You

We know it can be an icky subject to talk about- but there is a lot about your pet’s stool that can be an indicator of their health. Not only is it important to monitor what goes into their body, but it is also necessary to keep an eye on what’s coming out.


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Four Fixes for Feline Behavior Issues

Would you know if your cat was stressed?

Due to their seemingly lazy demeanor, the idea of a stressed cat may seem unlikely or even absurd to many pet owners. But if your cat is demonstrating behaviors such as inappropriate elimination, aggression or excessive grooming, stress is likely to be a contributing factor.

In addition, stress can lead to a number of chronic medical conditions, such as Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD).

Where does stress come from?

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Top This! 5 Healthy Dog Food Toppers

Not everyone has time to cook meals for their dog, but with a little effort, you could try adding some healthy toppers to their dry food that you already give them! Here are the top 5 foods we suggest to give a try:


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Can Your Pet Get the Flu? What You Need to Know About CIV

The recent outbreak of canine influenza virus (CIV) in the Midwestern region of the United States has affected more than 1,000 dogs. Should you be worried?

As with all infectious and parasitic disease trends, our doctors have been closely following this issue and its possible indications for our clients and patients.

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