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Why Does My Pet Need Bloodwork?

Blood tests are an easy, safe, and relatively inexpensive way to peer inside your pets and find potential health problems. Analysis of the numbers and structure of blood cells is important in the diagnosis and monitoring of disease and infection. These tests can help us identify a problem before clinical signs, or symptoms, appear. But what exactly are we looking for when we do a blood draw?

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How Should I Introduce My New Kitten to Their New Environment?

Cats naturally inclined to investigate their new surroundings. Many experts suggested that their area of exploration be limited initially, so that these natural tendencies do not create an overwhelming task. After confining your new kitten to one area for the first few days, slowly allow your kitty to access other areas of the home.

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Is There an Alternative to Anesthesia Pet Dental Cleanings?

If you have researched teeth cleaning for your dog or cat, you may have stumbled upon the offering of anesthesia-free pet dental cleanings. You may even have friends who sought this procedure for their pets. It may seem like a good idea at first—your pet would not have to undergo general anesthesia and it’s less expensive! It’s a win-win for everyone, right?

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Periodontal Disease—The Doggy Dentist (and Kitty Too!)

You’ve noticed for a while that your dog has bad breath; well, “bad” is putting it mildly. Maybe you flipped your pooches lip back and saw a row of brown teeth instead of pearly whites. Or maybe you just brought your pet in for a routine wellness exam and your veterinarian expressed concern about their dental health. Whatever the case may be, you’re faced with the prospect of your pet needing a dental cleaning. But just what are the exact reasons for needing a dental cleaning and what are your options?

Why do my pet’s teeth need to be cleaned?

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Rabies Alert

The Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County is reminding residents to protect themselves against rabies after several residents came in contact with a rabid cat around February 15, 2018. A rabies alert will remain in effect for 60 days in the areas near Plant City,

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Keep Your Pets Flea Free

There are several major brands for the treatment and protection against flea infestations in pets. So this raises the question: Should I keep my pet on the brand I’ve been using, or should I try something new?

Here are some things to consider:

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The temperature in a car can reach 100°F within 10 minutes on a 80°F day. On a 90°F day, the temperature in a car can reach 160°F in less than 10 minutes. Cracking or partially rolling down the windows has been shown to have little effect on the temperature inside a car.

Pets can suffer brain damage or die from a heatstroke or suffocation in 15 minutes. They can only cool themselves by panting and sweating through their paw pads.

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My Dog Is Afraid of Thunderstorm

Humans call it “astraphobia.” It’s the abnormal fear of thunderstorms. Dogs can suffer from storm phobia too. Even well-behaved dogs will display symptoms, many times before the first thunder clap. They start to pace through the house, or find a place to hide, or cling to your side. They have even been known to claw their way through drywall or break through windows out of sheer panic.

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