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Let Your Pet Help You Work Out!

We’ve written blogs about exercising your pet; how to keep them healthy while jogging around St. Petersburg, or cool gadgets that allow you to bike safely with your dog, but how many of us find that we can’t exercise on our own without a little, er, help, from our furry friends? My friend laughs that as soon as she rolls her yoga mat out her cat runs over to stretch on it. I myself can’t lie down to do crunches without Chloe, my little Chihuahua, lying on top of me- but resistance training is good, right?!

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Pet Health Insurance by Trupanion

Why pet health insurance?

When owning a pet it is a significant commitment. This means that ownership could also become a big financial commitment. What is the solution to meet this commitment? Pet health insurance will help protect your pet if they become sick or injured. By eliminating potential financial barriers, we can provide the very beat pet health care for your pets and our patients.  Your pet will be able to receive the medical decisions and not be compromised by financial restraints.

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Expecting a Baby? What You Need to Know if You Have a Pet

If you are like many expectant parents, your first baby was a fur-baby. Until now, your dog has gotten used to having all of mom and dad’s attention, and a shift in that attention can mean stress for everyone.

Even before the human baby arrives, your dog will sense change is coming—from the physical changes in mom, to changes around the house as new furniture and strange new baby paraphernalia appears. Your pup may even sense the excitement and nervousness you may be feeling!

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It’s Flu Season! Has Your Dog Gotten His Shot?

Is there a Dog Flu (Canine Influenza) Season?

We know when it’s flu season here in Florida; the signs go up at pharmacies for flu vaccines, letters go home with children from teachers, our place of employment may have someone come in to administer shots, and people start walking around with Band-Aids on their upper arms. But what about your pooch? Have they gotten their dog flu vaccine yet?

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Oral Assessment and Dental Cleaning

Have you ever wondered what goes on when your pet comes for a “dental cleaning”—or to be more precise, a Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT)? Here, we will give you more insight into what a COHAT (dental cleaning) involves at our hospital.

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FAQs About Pet Microchipping for Dogs and Cats

Thousands of pet cats and dogs get lost every year in the United States. The biggest reason why lost pets are sent to animal shelters rather than to their owners is because of the lack of a proper identification on them.

That’s why scientists and technologists have come out with something really quite remarkable – a microchip, called a pet microchip, which is implanted in the pet.

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Should You Trust Online Pharmacies?

I don’t know what I would do without online shopping! I was never an online shopper before. I was someone who wanted to see and feel and try before I bought, but a chronic illness has changed all that. I now hop online whenever we need anything. Amazon has become my best friend for most personal and household items. For clothing I choose shops that offer free shipping and free returns. I pay my bills online, pay our Tampa road tolls—anything I can get away with doing online, I happily click away.

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