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Cat Facts: Tongue and Whiskers

If you own a cat, or are owned by a cat, then you already know how amazing they are. Cats possess unique features that we may take for granted, like their sand-papery tongue or wispy whiskers, but there’s far more to these parts than meets the (human) eye.

Cat Facts Tongue for Grooming

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Traveling With Your Dog Camping

We hope you're enjoying our "Traveling With Your Dog..." series about local places you can enjoy with your pet! A lot of things have changed in 2020, including the way we vacation. For a while, we weren’t able to vacation at all. Even now, with restrictions beginning to lift but news of possible new COVID strains developing, many are still hesitant to travel on a plane or stay in a hotel. More and more people are deciding that camping is a safe way to get away from it all, and socially distance from others, all while being out in the fresh air.

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Pet Safety for the Winter Wonderland

The winter holidays are a time many look forward to—time off from work and school, a chance to see and spend time with loved ones, sparkly decorations, and decadent foods that we treat themselves to only once a year. But as fun as they may seem, some of these things can spell disaster for our pets. Here are some tips and red flags to watch out for to help keep your pet safe this holiday season.

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Pets and Halloween - How to Play it Safe

Halloween can be frightening and dangerous for pets. Stranger danger, hazardous candy, decoration perils, and more can threaten to send your pet to the vet. Even worse, they can cause pets to go missing. Here are some tips and information on how to help keep your pet safe and avoid a scary vet bill.

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Local Businesses Need Our Support!

You’ll find this to be a different kind of blog post for us, because this one isn’t about pet health or pet care. Rather, this is a post about “people care” which, when you think about it, ultimately affects everyone: our family, our friends, our neighbors, our community, and—yes—even our pets.

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Why is My Pet Itchy?

Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump!... if you have an itchy pet that sound can be all too familiar. It’s the sound of their back foot hitting the floor as they try to relieve that pesky itch. Maybe your pet is losing fur or has recurrent ear infections. You have treated for fleas, and still, nothing seems to help.

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How to Keep Your Pet from Burning Down the House and Safe in Case of a Fire

July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day, but we think any day is a good day to help keep your home and pets safe from fires. Did you know that the American Red Cross responds to more home fires than any other disaster? And it’s the most preventable! This blog provides tips on how you can be prepared to help prevent your pet from starting fires, and how to keep them safe in case of a fire.

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