Northeast Animal Hospital
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The Best Gift is the Gift of Health!

Pets come with basic special care instructions; feed daily, love forever and regular veterinary care. The first two are easily covered, but what about the last one? Vet care is equally as important! It’s essential to any furry friend’s happiness and to help them live healthier, longer lives! Why not give the gift of health to a pet lover in your life?

A Gift Certificate can be used for exams, so pets can get checked from tongue to teeth to toes to tail. (Plus all the parts in between!) Our in-depth, medical checkup not only assesses a pet’s current health status, but also helps to prevent future problems, such as obesity, periodontal disease, and diabetes.

Gift Certificates can also be used for boarding, bathing, medications—including heartworm prevention, food, and more! Simply give us a call and order a gift certificate in any amount; we’ll have it ready for pick up on the next business day.