Pet Care Coordinator

I joined the Northeast Animal Hospital team in May of 2015 after having worked in this field for the past year. I really enjoy working with a knowledgeable staff to help make pets feel better and happier! When I’m not at the hospital, I spend my time at the gym, beach, playing video games, or hanging out with friends.

My pets range from the 4-legged, to the 8-legged! Raven is my pointer/lab mix who was abandoned as a puppy. She’s a great listener and knows several tricks! Todd McCloud adopted me when he was just a kitten. He loves to alert us when ducks pass by the window! Daenerys is a Bearded Dragon that came home with me from a reptile convention in Tampa. Her hobbies include basking in the sun, and spending long periods of time sleeping. Lastly, Ripley is my Brazilian Black Tarantula who was also adopted from the Tampa reptile convention. He enjoys being held, but mostly likes resting in his home during the day.