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Looking for low cost cat vaccinations?

Well, at Northeast Animal Hospital in St Petersburg FL, does one better than just providing pet vaccinations at a low cost for pet owners. These St Pete veterinarians at Northeast Animal Hospital provide FREE Pet Vaccinations for cats. With a routine wellness exam, your cat will receive the core feline (cat) pet vaccinations needed for free.

Why not get Better Service When You Get Your Cat its Pet Vaccines!

If you use one of the mobile affordable low cost pet vaccination clinics seen in Pinellas County and St Petersburg, such as Walgreens or Petco, you are not getting the best veterinary care service for your pet. Why? The only thing theses low cost pet vaccinations clinics do is give cheap pet vaccinations. They don’ t really care about the overall wellness of your pet. They just like to give the cheap shot and go to the next pet and pet vaccination clinic.

Poor Record Keeping at Mobile Low Cost Pet Vaccination Clinics

Another problem encountered at one of these affordable mobile pet vaccination clinics, is poor record keeping. Many pet owners have a problem getting the records needed for proving that their pet had the needed pet vaccinations, especially rabies shot. In addition, there will be minimal or no documentation concerning any pet health issues that might have been noticed. Results of any parasite testing or Feline Leukemia testing needs to be documented properly so the pet owner has a medical record, if needed.

What Happens if Your Cat has a Reaction After Given a Pet Vaccination?

Even though rare, allergic reactions to pet vaccinations can occur. Sometimes, more so in cats, the reaction can be very serious from the pet shot and requires immediate attention. Well, these pet vaccination clinics are mobile, they move from one site to the next during the day, usually Saturday and Sunday. They only spend a couple of hours at each pet vaccine clinic location. Also, these mobile low cost clinics are not fully operational animal hospitals and have very limited capability when an emergency occurs. Oxygen, intravenous catheter, intravenous fluids, anti-inflammatory drugs, anithistamines and other treatment option may be needed when a severe pet shot reaction occurs.

What if you take your pet home and a reaction from the pet vaccination occurs there?

Well, the mobile pet shot veterinarian most likely would have moved on to another pet vaccine clinic location. Do you know where it might be? No, you would have to take the time to go online and see if you could determine the location.

What if the low cost pet vet is done for the day?

After these low cost pet vaccinations clinics finish, they return to their base of operation, which is not located in St Petersburg and is not even in Pinellas County. The majority of these pet shot mobile clinics have their base outside of the area, they are working in. Now you have no where to go, except to your regular vet, if even open, or a pet emergency clinic. Now what is that going to cost you? Will you have the proper medical records needed to see what pet shots were given? All of a sudden your low cost pet vaccinations aren’t so cheap or affordable.

What’s the Best Alternative if looking for Low Cost Pet Vaccinations for your Pet Cat?

Easy…make an appointment at Northeast Animal Hospital St Pete for a complete wellness exam with a veterinarian that lives and works in St Petersburg and get your pet vaccinations for your cat for FREE! With computerized record keeping and a fully operational animal hospital, Northeast Animal Hospital can handle any potential emergency situation.

So call Northeast Animal Hospital located at 1401 4th Street St Petersburg FL 33704 and make your appointment for a complete wellness examination and get your cat’s pet vaccinations for FREE, better than one of the low cost pet vaccination clinics.

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